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Logo design & visual identity

Building your brand identity is above all about listening to you and exchanging in a relationship of trust.
We need to understand your business, analyze your problems and your communication objectives. 
We must understand your competitive environment, decipher the trends and weak signals in your sector, and highlight what will constitute the essence of your brand.

A project manager will be dedicated to you in order to integrate your project perfectly.

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Visual identity,
why is it important?

Your visual identity represents your brand image, it is formalized by your logo and your guideline.

Efficient branding is based on a strong and coherent visual identity by reflecting your brand identity.
It should not be neglected.

Your graphic identity must capture the essence of your brand in order to create an emotional connection with your customers and set you apart from your competitors.
A good visual identity is not necessarily the one that appeals to the greatest number but the one that we recognize, that challenges and that we remember.
It must allow consumers to recognize the brand at first glance!

Your visual identity must represent your universe thanks to a graphic design that expresses your activity, your values ​​and your aspirations through different visual elements:

– Logo and its variations (colors, black and white)
– Typefaces
– Color palette
– Shapes and patterns
– Icons and pictograms

All these elements are summarized in a document called “guideline“, which will make it possible to define the framework for use of these fundamentals, the rules to be respected, the color codes to be used, the graphic elements, as well as the typographies. The guideline therefore aims to allow faithful variations of the visual identity on all your communication tools (print and web): business card, roll up, brochures, sign, website

Our agency ensures the creation of your logo, its guideline and its variation on all your communication media, according to your needs.

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