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Digital marketing agency in Cambodia

SOMA Digital Agency is a digital marketing and creative agency based in Siem Reap, in Cambodia.

The agency brings together European professionals specializing in sales and digital marketing, experienced graphic designers and web developers to respond to all your print and digital projects.

Choosing SOMA Digital Agency also means having a dedicated contact to understand your business development needs.

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Your communication needs are at the heart of our concerns.
We offer all our customers a free first appointment to define your needs and offer you an offer that suits you.

Ours Services

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Logo & visual identity
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drone / video editing

web development

Soma Digital Agency relies on strong expertise in project management to design digital products that will perfectly meet your expectations, on time and on budget.

Our expert agency supports you in the tailor‐made web development of your digital solutions.

Our experience and expertise allow us to support you in the development of your future website.


Building your visual identity is above all about listening to you and exchanging in a relationship of trust.
We need to understand your business, analyze your problems and your communication objectives.
We must understand your competitive environment, decipher the trends and weak signals in your sector, and highlight what will constitute the essence of your brand.
Thus, we imagine by your side the positioning of your brand and its visual identity.
So that our recommendations are adapted to your needs, we take into account the investment you wish to devote to your communication.


Graphic design siem reap


Our experienced graphic designers support you with your graphic design needs for all your communication tools, from creation to execution. We can also take care of the printing part in conjunction with our partners. So you can focus only on your business!


drone & video editing

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Contact us by email or phone to make an appointment with our project manager



Our project manager meets with you to study your sales and communication strategy to offer you an offer that suits you



We offer you a quote for the development of your project


Getting your project started

Our developers and graphic designers work on your project. Our project manager monitors its progress and stays in touch with you throughout its duration for any adjustments


Delivery of your project

We are committed to delivering quality results as soon as possible


Are we continuing?

We can also maintain and update your website!

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